As students attending the University of Delaware, I understand the quest to obtain a quality education while still enjoying life. Due to the current restrictions in regards to nightlife and activities within the City of Newark limits, students are forced to find alternative yet offensive ways to enjoy themselves. I believe whole-heartedly, working with City Council and Police to improve engagement and create alternative options to house parties similar to other Universities across the country will remove the tension students are currently experiencing.

My top focus areas for students are:

  1. CAMPUS SAFETY –  including but not limited to decreasing the number of rapes, robberies and thefts that are terrorizing students. Women should feel safe while living in the City of Newark. Rape should not be as high as it is. We have a more than competent police staff. I believe when we shift from having a house party only outlets for our students, this will free our police to use their time to address these more pertinent safety issues.
  2. SAFE and DESIRED NIGHTLIFE OPTIONS – the biggest gripe residents have with the student population is house parties. Due to some of the activity and negative behavior that can come from a house party, residents feel it affects their property value and quality of life. I have several alternative options that are backed by research and documented success from other universities across the country. Once elected Mayor, I will work to ensure these options are implemented meeting the needs of both the homeowners, seniors and students simultaneously.
  3. PIPELINE TO SUCCESS – I believe the City of Newark is a great place to live and raise a family. Centered near major transportation arteries, tax-free shopping, the buzz of a city yet the environment of a small town, Newark should be the top option for UD graduates to transition out of the student life to becoming true life long residents. Working with current businesses to provide internships and paid jobs, recruiting new businesses to the STAR Campus with the agreement of being a part of the PIPELINE to SUCCESS program and improving the all-around quality of life for Newark is my plan to make this happen.
  4. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – As a student living in the City of Newark you have rights too. Students have a voice. Students should not only be active in the day to day of decision making within the City they live but also an active participant in making the community better. Your presence, knowledge and skill sets are needed. I will be providing outlets and opportunities and the education students need to get in the game AND be MVP! Two great places to start are attending the City of Newark Council Meetings and finding ways to volunteer within our Seniors population.