Star Campus

Designated as one of Delaware’s Opportunity Zones, STAR Campus is a lucrative and advantageous opportunity for the City of Newark. Positioned to provide employment opportunities, an increase in tax revenue as well as a wealth of resources for City of Newark residents, STAR Campus should be welcomed and not shunned. From feedback provided by the residents that attend City of Newark Council meetings, it appears there is a negative view of STAR Campus and its growth specifically. I believe having platforms and opportunities for STAR Campus decision makers to engage with residents in a more open forum than council meetings will allow residents, Council Members and STAR leadership to resolve issues and work together to leverage STAR Campus to beneficial to all parties.

I would like to work with STAR Campus in the following capacities to ensure beneficial outcomes for residents of the City of Newark:

PIPELINE to SUCCESS – Working with STAR to provide internship and job placement opportunities for both students and residents of Newark. This would include my proactive role in working with STAR to secure new companies to locate to STAR Campus and securing commitments from them to do the same. This would ultimately increase tax revenue for the City of Newark as well.

COMMUNITY GIVE BACK INITIATIVE – Working with companies to dedicate resources whether monetary, knowledge or manpower to programs and services that would benefit the  City of Newark community at large. SImilar to the CRA programs for the banking industry, finding ways to work with companies to have a more on purpose strategic community involvement and give back program.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – I would work to make sure that the STAR Campus companies provide clear insight into the growth projections and potentially hazardous activities that could be taking place currently and future. Providing open forums for the residents to engage and provide direct feedback, get questions answered and resolve issues is a priority for me.