The residents of the City of Newark are a priority to me. Families being able to thrive in a culture that is pro-family is top on my agenda.  Raised in a single parent home with 4 children, I completely understand the importance of homeowners maintaining their home value, safety and quality of life. I also understand the financial importance of maintaining the value of your home which for most, is the biggest investment they will make. I commit to do my part to ensure this at the forefront of the City’s activities.

I have a cohesive plan to work with students to curb the negative effects college parties have on the value and quality of life for homeowners by ensuring students have alternative nightlife options which will ultimately decrease this activity.

My top focus areas for residents are:

  1. PRESERVING FAMILY FOCUSED QUALITY OF LIFE–  From attending the City of Newark Council meetings, the number one complaint the residents that do attend the meetings have is the negative affect the University of DE and the students have on their homes and families. I have heard in every meeting the students and their house parties are causing too much noise and negative activity within the residential areas. In addition, from my perspective, the number of rapes, burglaries and robberies are just as important for the residents.  My focus includes decreasing the frequency of house parties while simultaneously decreasing the number of rapes, robberies and thefts that are terrorizing our community. Women, mothers, young girls should feel safe while living in the City of Newark. Rape should not be as high as it is. We have a more than competent police staff. I believe when we shift from having a house party only outlets for our students, this will free our police to use their time to address these more pertinent safety issues. Decreasing the house-parties will come when we implement the same benchmark strategies I have researched from other Universities across the country. Providing alternative options to house parties on a consistent basis using safety controls will alleviate the current epidemic we have.  Once elected Mayor, I will work to ensure these options are implemented meeting the needs of both the homeowners, seniors and students simultaneously.
  2. REDUCED NEED FOR TAX INCREASES – Residents feel the University should be financially responsible for the needs of the City of Newark just as much as the residents. As true as this statement is, with the current set-up, the University of DE being a non-profit, this will not happen without having engagement and dialog with the University leadership in a proactive manner. Because UD is typically left out of conversations which leads to unhealthy assumptions to be made, no progress has been made in this area. In addition, there have been several proposed revenue generation solutions from both the City of Newark key employees and local business owners that have not been able to pass through City Council. One option would have saved the City over $700,000 per year and another had the potential to generate over $500,000 in revenue for the city directly. All of this without increasing taxes for residents. As Mayor I will not only work to get solutions like these implemented for the people, I also have additional revenue stream options that have the potential to bring over $1.5 million in additional revenue to directly to the City of Newark.
  3. PIPELINE TO SUCCESS – I believe the City of Newark is a great place to live and raise a family. Centered near major transportation arteries, tax-free shopping, the buzz of a city yet the environment of a small town, Newark should be the top option for UD graduates to transition out of the student life to becoming true life long residents. Working with current businesses to provide internships and paid jobs, recruiting new businesses to the STAR Campus with the agreement of being a part of the PIPELINE to SUCCESS program and improving the all-around quality of life for Newark is my plan to make this happen. With the Pipeline to Success program, students will have a genuine care for the community early on wanting to preserve and protect the very community they see for their future. In addition, the more residents and homeowners we have more tax revenue is created without increasing taxes.
  4. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – As a resident living in the City of Newark you have rights too and you pay taxes! Your presence at the City Council meetings is paramount. We need to hear your voice and opinions.  Imagine if you were present when the voting took place on the revenue generating entities I mentioned above. The City’s financial position would be in better place because of you! Please come out and get involved. We need you at the table!