City of Newark businesses are the bloodline for our City. The business owners in Newark are dedicated to providing quality products and services in a way that has always strengthened the culture and economic vibrancy for the residents. Several of the City of Newark businesses are owned by the University of Delaware graduates. This speaks to the power of my “Pipeline to Success” strategy cultivating an environment where UD students can see themselves making the City of Newark their home beyond college graduation.  Having a program plan to keep Delaware talent, specifically UD students, in the state will increase taxes and revenue, the value of homes as well as the quality of life for the Newark residents.


I have three areas of focus for City of Newark Businesses:

  1. INCREASE OPPORTUNITIES FOR REVENUE GENERATION – I have heard over and over again that the substantial decrease in population during the summer months causes your business to lose income drastically. I have developed several strategies I will be implementing that will bring both foot traffic as well as paying customers to the City of Newark during your down seasons. After extensive research and negotiating with several potential partners, I can say that I have the plan and support to pull this off for you once elected Mayor. As an Entrepreneur myself, I am passionate about playing a role in ensuring other business owners have what they need to be successful.
  2. CONTINUOUS ACCESS TO YOUR ESTABLISHMENTS – I am working tirelessly to find a solution to negative effects the Main Street DELDOT project will have on your businesses.  Because I was not in office when this happened, I am acting as a concerned citizen in hopes that my diligence can make some progress in this area for you.
  3. PIPELINE TO SUCCESS for your business too –  I have developed a Pipeline to Success program that is designed to keep UD talent in DE and most specifically in Newark. This will provide you with top local talent to strength your business and ultimately increase your revenue. Working hand in hand with you to provide internships and tax credits for hiring locally is my focus. In addition, to my aggressively playing a role to position Star Campus as the East Coast  Tech Hub will mean more companies to Newark which will bring more employees, foot traffic and customers to your business.