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Why is Kasai running for Mayor?

Contrary to public opinion Kasai is not running for Mayor because he hates the police. His personal experience with the police inspired him to dig deeper into all of the functions, problems and needs of the residents of Newark. During this process he realized there are several areas the City of Newark needs improvement. Because Kasai, like many UD students, desires to reside in the City of Newark after completing his education, Kasai is compelled to find solutions working together with all residents including homeowners, seniors, students and the University of DE. Kasai began to develop a comprehensive plan that includes creating revenue streams for the City of Newark that will prevent tax increases, decrease the amount of student lead parties by creating alternative nightlife options for them. This creates a WIN-WIN for all parties involved. Kasai believes the answer to most of the City of Newark's issues can be resolved with open communication designed to ensure all parties are at the table and immediate solution planning. Having a solid plan that meets the needs of those involved allows the City to Implement and execute on solid solutions that work vs band-aids that cannot quite allow the wounds to heal. "I am running for office to be the change agent needed to bridge the gap between residents here in the city. I believe the City of Newark could be a benchmark for change throughout the state. With 30K people we are small enough to implement programs and systems that can increase revenue for the City, bring job opportunities to keep our strong talent pool from UD in the state of DE, maintain a high quality of life for residents while fostering a more inclusive community spirit."

Does Kasai have a problem with the Newark Police?

Kasai strongly believes in the support of police officers as they are the ones that put their life on the line daily. Kasai's desire is to get a full understanding of the Police Department's current state to be able to provide solutions that not only increase police community engagement and acceptance but also can alleviate the tension between police and students. In regards to the views of the Newark Police among minority groups in Newark, Kasai is working on the research and solutions to eradicate that perception using strategies that are considered National Benchmarks.

What makes Kasai qualified to run for Mayor?

It is the City of Newark's Mayor's job to work in conjunction with City Council Members to make sound decisions that benefit all residents of the City of Newark. Kasai has experience with starting and working for start-up companies. He understands and has mastered foundational business principles including creation and management of revenue streams, building teams, solving problems creatively without increasing expenses and managing the day to day operations. Unlike the previous Mayor, who's engagement, leadership and responsibilities stopped with City Council Meetings, Kasai is dedicated to making this a full-time endeavor. His plan is not just fluff but something he is committed to executing. Upon review of his plan you will see he is serious and has taken extreme thought into solutions for Newark.

What is your response to the question about your age?

I know just turning 21 a person may have hesitancies in regards to the level of knowledge I have and/or my lack of experience. This is furthest from the truth. As a businessman, I know the weight and responsibility of ensuring all of the moving parts are working in tandem and efficiently. I have taken thought and have done research including meeting with those in leadership roles at the City of Newark to determine the current state of Newark and determine best solutions. The one skillset that I have that is greatly needed and can never be taught is caring for others enough to find common ground and ultimately solutions. I respond to problems with solutions especially when the problem is affecting a large group of people hence my We Need Our Fathers program. As a community, there is both tensions and in some cases a dislike for certain populations. My goal is to turn this around and create a more caring community that fosters understanding and the true spirit of community. My business background gives me the skillsets need to find solutions that will increase revenue for the City which will ultimately relieve tax burdens for the residents. READ MY MORE DETAILED APPROACH UNDER THE ISSUES SECTION OF THE WEBSITE.